Defining “The Choice”

Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to say thank you to the few that commented, liked, and followed my blog a few days ago. It means a lot to know that we can relate even if we are miles apart. In the last blog, I expressed that I will tell you guys a little more about myself and the reason why I chose to name this blog “The Choice”. For those who are new and didn’t get a chance to read the first blog, my name is Ke. I am currently from and live in North Carolina. I was raised by a single mother, and my father passed away when I was 7. It has been difficult growing up in a family of 4, but I never stopped living my purpose for what God has for me. I am very spiritual, love to cook, playing sports, and spending time with my family as much as I can. I am not perfect, and I make mistakes just like the next human being. I have a bachelor’s degree, and now, I am working on my MBA in Human Resources. My dreams are to give back to others, start my own business and nonprofit organization, and travel the world. As you can see, I am trying to be the next Steve Harvey and Oprah Winfrey. I want to mentor and uplift people! This world is so huge and needs a lot of work, but it takes a lot of courage and strength to make a difference. God has given me my purpose, and I want to help people by simply being the change. The next part of this blog is why did I chose “The Choice”? “The Choice” defines me, you, and us as the human race. When we refer to a choice, it relates to our life, the way we view things, how we act, and how we feel. “The Choice” is a platform for us to share our thoughts, emotions, and creativity. I am not sure what religion you represent, but we all have a higher being in our lives. As a whole, we must promote love, power, and make a CHOICE to become better. As of today, I will be writing on this blog once a week. All I want from you all is to connect and be respectful of others. The next blog will consist of the interaction between employers and employees in the workplace. We all had our personal experiences with our jobs, whether good or bad. Share your experiences with me! Again, thank you guys for your support! Let’s continue to promote “The Choice”! Be the change!

2019: The Year of “The Beginning”

Hi! I have been very nervous about starting my own blog because I fear being misjudged, misunderstood, or not having the ability to connect with my readers. My name is Ke, and I am a 26 year old woman with goals and dreams that are as big as the entire universe. Many of you are probably wondering, “What can a 26 year old woman possibly have to offer to this blog”? Very great question. I may be very young for my age, but I have the spirit and mindset of a 60 year old individual. I have experienced life a lot more than average. I love communicating with others differently and I’ve mastered the passion to understand, uplift, and mentor. With your help, I am going to keep it urban and fun for you all, but I want you all to know that this blog is open for those to express themselves. Sometimes, we hinder a lot that the outside doesn’t see. I’ve been there, but let’s keep it positive, respectful, and most importantly, open as much as possible. I need you guys’ full support and if you want to continue with me, like and comment this blog with your name and tell me a little about yourself. My next blog will discuss more about me and why I named my blog “The Choice”! Please stay tuned! Thank you guys so much, and God bless you!